#HCKC and #Cinderblocks Tweetreach

The First TweetReach Report use #Cinderblock as part of the search term for the Partnership WITH Patients Summit and HealthCa.mp/KansasCity event this past weekend. It appears that Twitter doesn’t consider #Cinderblock and #Cinderblocks to be the same thing.

So here is a new report that includes both Hashtags.


Here is the TweetReach Report for Partnership WITH Patients and HealthCampKansasCity #Cinderblocks #HCKC

Here is the Tweetreach report from this weekend’s Partnership with Patients Summit and HealthCa.mp/KansasCity at Cerner in KansasCity, MO.

902 Tweets,
129 Contributors,
132,864 Accounts Reached,
1,842,782 impressiona

#HCKC Recap from HealthCampKansasCity on 9/23 @Cerner as part of Partnership WITH Patients Summit aka #Cinderblocks w/@DaveCorn

This is the the recap deck I put together at the end of HealthCa.mp/KansasCity. It was a fascinating day where we serendipitously had Dave Conthwaite (@Davecorn) drop in as he swam down the Missouri River. This was 635 miles of a 1,000 mile journey.


#cinderblocks #hckc themes for the wrap up:

Next steps:

Ideas for Partnership with/for Patients:

Respect for Patients at the table:

Patient voice to make clinical trials better:

Price transparency:

Breaking boundaries:

Dying in peace:

Empowering 100M people who live with chronic pain:

Psychiatric Survivors:

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