More from #Health2STAT Michelle Murray – Patient Support Groups on Facebook

More from #Health2STAT

Facebook Hospital Patient Support Groups

Michelle Murray will discuss the University of Maryland Medical Center???s (UMMC) Facebook Patient Support groups which were launched in March 2011. She???ll discuss what they offer to UMMC patients ??? a chance to interact with each other and offer support in a private group environment ??? how these groups have grown considerably since the launch date, and how the groups are managed.

Michelle Murray serves as the Assistant Web Site Editor for the University of Maryland Medical Center???s award-winning site. In addition to managing and developing content for the site, Michelle also manages the Medical Center???s Facebook page, which has added more than 18,000 fans under her leadership. In addition, Michelle also manages two Facebook pages for the Songwriter???s Association of Washington and hosts and produces ???The Open Stage,??? an online radio show on BlogTalk Radio.

These were an outgrowth of real life groups.

– Liver Transplant
– Trauma Survivors

Wanted to expand the reach of patient support services.

These groups help answer questions like:

– Does this happen to anyone else
– Provide encouragement and advice

Groups are easy to create and manage.

Reaches people where they are.
Overcomes the challenges of long commutes.

Things to do:

– Monitor daily
– Respond to questions and concerns


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