#Cinderblocks Implantable Device Registries – A thought

I came away from the previous session at the Partnership with Patients Summit where the discussion was around MRI safety and also about issues with Implantable devices.

I came away thinking this:

– We are empowered and engaged Patients
– If we are going to have a procedure that involves implanting a device in our bodies why don’t we insist on the information from the manufacturer. such as
— Manufacturer
— Device and Model Number
— Serial Number
— FDA Approval data
— Warranty information
— Life expectancy of the device

I am sure there is other information we should ask for but this would be a start. Then as patients why don’t we organize ourselves to post this information to a registry that we create and maintain.

Then spread the word to encourage others to take the same step and record and share this.

Ultimately we could push the hospitals to share this information as part of a BlueButton download.

While we are at it – Why don’t we crowd source a Leasehold contract for medical device manufacturers and doctors. What do I mean by this? I mean that if a doctor is going to implant a device he should sign a contract to “Lease” space in our bodies. With that Leasing contract comes certain stipulations that the tenant needs to comply with.


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