#cinderblocks Cerner experience theater

At Cerner world headquarters for the Cerner experience theater.

This place is impressive it is a shame they don’t like pictures. Talking about expanding the plan of care beyond the walls of the hospital. In the example they talk about the health team: which includes the patient – Walter, his family and his doctor, nurse , cardiologist etc.

Lets imagine Walter is walking with buddies and doesn’t feel too well.

The Tele-health nurse is alerted.

Using FaceTime, iPad connected blood pressure monitor there is an initial evaluation done.

I get to play Walter. Here I get to sit in the recliner “at home”


Walter heads to the clinic. Check in on the iPad. 27% of primary and specialty care physicians own iPad or tablets. 5x higher than in the general population.
– source: mobihealth news

Cerner is a self insured organization and incubated new models of care for their own population. It is fascinating to listen to the patient perspectives when looking at a physician oriented health record.

The average cost of diagnosing an treating arrival fibrillation in the emergency room is approximately $10k per visit.

In the inpatient setting it is fascinating to see the capabilities of the hill-rom smart bed.

Smart room technology is still a new field. Also great to see Cerner’s dispensing station. Automated dispensing of the correct medications.

Cerner Mystation provides patient access to the Internet.

Clinical decision support can save hospitals a lot of money. Algorithms to watch for low Braden scores related to pressure sores saved a Chicago hospital $4M in re first year of use.

Heart failure is the #1 hospital readmission. Coordinated care can significantly reduce cost. This is estimated to save $60k for a heart related treatment ad also reduces readmittance costs by $15-18k.

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