#HealthData Day 2 kicks off – @TGoetz Thomas Goetz introduces the day and Kathleen Sibelius

Thomas Goetz – Todd Park has been dealing with the challenge of Latent Data.

The Data Palooza is about unleashing the hidden power of untapped data.

Kathleen Sibelius – “Thrilled to be part of the Todd Park Road Show”

“Take Lazy data and get it in to the mainstream”

To make the transformation we have to unleash the power of entrepreneurship. We ar enow seeing innovations make a real difference around the country.
We are just getting started. We have massive inefficiencies. The innovation gap contributes to the challenge. We have to close the gap.

Innovation has been penalized. We have to change the way we pay for care. Exciting results already being seen.

ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) have moved from Theoretical to launch.
HHS is stimulating demand for innovation.

Electronics Health Records are a key component in driving innovation.

Diabetics with an EHR are 6 times more likely to receive better care and better health outcomes.

“Out of 27,000 adults w/ diabetes, those with EHR were 600% more likely to see improvement.”
20% of primary care docs & 1/6 of hospitals were using EHRs in 1/2009.6/2012: 2x hospitals & MDs using them

The conditions for Health Care Innovation has never been better.

“If electronic health records are the vehicle, data is the fuel.”


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