#HealthData Bill Frist (@bfrist) Keynote address personalized medicine, driven by data for better patient care

Keynote Address: The Honorable Bill Frist, Physician and former Senate Majority Leader
Bringing the voice of a 20 year practicing physician. 

Data in to discovery

Innovation empowered through science.
Heart transplantation is still state of the art. 

Talks about re-activating inert cells in the heart through stem cell injections. 

When we add Data to this we have the opportunity to accelerate innovation. 

Some patients get worse despite what is thought to be the right treatment. Is it really right for you?

We move from how to improve our research to how we map that to an individual. 
virtually every human ailment has some basis in our genes. 

Worth reading: 
The End of Illness – David Agus.

Electronic Medical Records is an essential first step to improving health.
We are still in the early stages.

Vanderbilt has 2M medical records have been de-identified for research purposes. This has been combined with DNA from left over blood samples.
Combining medical and genomic data has uncovered suspected genetic associations. It is also identifying adverse outcomes associated with anti-rejection medicines.

Data analysis has led to processes being modified (changing testing processes).

The eMERGE network – electronic Medical Records and Genomics.

NIH is investing $1.5B in personalized medicine.

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