#HealthData Liberacion Summit @WhiteHouse same day as HealthCa.mp/DC @todd_park back to Basics:AEIOU

This week I was astounded to find my name listed in a group of people to follow for #HealthData. It is an incredible honor to be mentioned in the same company as amazing innovators such as Todd Park, the USA’s new Chief Technology Officer. Despite gaining a wider set of responsibilities Todd is still busy in the world of Health Data Liberacion.

Apparently Todd is looking for some Presidential Innovation Fellows. Hopefully this is to drive Open Health Data Innovation. I am wondering if the invite only Patient Data Liberation Summit event at the White House on June 4th is related to finding these Fellows? 

Todd, i have a word of advice. if we are taking baby steps in the world of Health Data Liberacion let’s go back to basics and start with our vowels. We need health innovators everywhere to remember their AEIOU’s

  • Actionable
  • Easy
  • Immediate
  • Open
  • Unobtrusive
This was one of my messages from a session i gave at HIMSS earlier this year.

This is certainly a message I will be promoting at the upcoming DC Health Data and Innovation Week – which includes an exciting HealthCa.mp/DC

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