Reporting from #DCTech In Washington DC @dctechmeetup

This evening I was at the #DCTech Meetup in Washington DC. As reported by Peter Corbett of iStrategy Labs and one of the organizing team – This is the largest Tech Meetup on the Meetup platform. 

Here is the link:

Here is the Agenda – A lot of great quick fire presentations:

[7:00] Intro by Peter Corbett, CEO, iStrategyLabs (@corbett3000)
[7:05] Community News
[7:10] Talk 1: DC DECIBEL by David, Julia and Alex
[7:15] Talk 2: FakeIt Until You Make it by Rebecca Thorman
[7:20] Talk 3: The Crazy Story of Doodle or Die by Dylan Green and Aaron Silverman
[7:25] Talk 4: RelayFoods by Arnie Katz
[7:30] Talk 5: Hacking Diversity in Tech by Christine JohnsonDiversiTech
[7:35] Q&A With First Group of speakers
[7:40] Talk 6: Hacking Startup PR by Navroop Mitter
[7:45] Talk 7: Fancy Lads Academy by Chris Bishop and Scott Cummings
[7:50] Talk 8: ExFed by Emily Coates
[7:55] Talk 9: SocialSamba by Cheryl Foil
[8:00] Q&A With Second Group of Speakers
[8:05] Talk 10: GE Social Fridge by Zach Saale & Audrey Matthias
[8:10] Talk 11: Zaarly by Eric Koester
[8:15] Talk 12: SuperPowered by Jason Kende & Ben Fisher
[8:20] Q&A With Third Group of Speakers
[8:30] Open Mic
[9:00] Exit
I was tweeting from the event: Here is my TweetStream for#DCTech

 is looking great. Finalizing the arrangements for Weds 5/23 in Raleigh,NC  Are you in?

 superpowered is an interesting proposition broadcast a digest with direct response back to requester

 superpowered information is only relevant if it is available at the right time.

  email collaboration platform to connect right people with right information at right time

 zaarly: poste request for $100 for best pitch – intro to zaarly investor. 50 word pit
ch in next 24 hours 

 social machines – infuse objects w social data

 ye 3D printing is way cool – endless possibilities and prices dropping to hobbyist range

 istrategylabs team talking GE social fridge at  check in on 

 socialsamba – lots of interest from brands to be injected into stories

  NLP behind platform adapts story to your interactions. Integrates w/Facebook. Write your own story too

 your FB friends suck. Social samba let’s you friend characters. The platform powering USA network’s hashtagkiller

 exfed asks specific questions eg. Military experience. Resume becomes a profile tailored to recruiters.

 exfed: job sites are a pain! – so very true! And applicant sites are even worse!

 exfed there is no comprehensive site to find workers w/fed experience. Need more than just a resume site

 fancy lads – lessons: think small it’s always bigger than you think!

 fancy lads academy. Developed 2nd game. Dev swipe movements in 1 day. Locked down features. Did drunk party test. 2months to build

 next up fancy lads academy. Games for iPhone/iPad . Grave peril was 1st game. Took a year to develop and not released

  have the relationships w/pr pros in place ready to take opportunities as they emerge

  hacking PR.  amazon journey to whitehouse all from a tweet about sbux coffee

  plan is to go mobile. Looking to pro accounts w/ extra features

  linking with orgs across DC and Baltimore area. Inc and various universities.DC’s ethnic diversity is key strength

  diversity increases view points and gives opportunity for new ideas for new products

 diversitech  fresh from  talking about hacking diversity in tech. Diversity is a forgotten aspect in tech

  partners w/ whole foods ad Supervalu. Currently in Richmond/Charlottesville

  the tall peak of retail where amazon is great at long tail of retail.

  subscriber refill options at reduced price – encourage repeat purchasing

 online grocery – keep it simple, customer drives the last mile. Great visuals. Add social element.

  shop for local/organic food online. How do you make it profitable in suburbs w/lower density of people

 doodle or die built in 1 weekend. Built in node.js and won node knockout competition. Doodles are on tumblr.

 next up doodle or die game. Draw, describe, draw in a round robin game. See what gets lost in translation.

  before you know it you progress from WP plugins to coding in jquery and other tools

 lessons from non programmers in developing and coding. Copy/Paste w/trial and error and you can do a lot!

  Rebecca –  built a minimal functional site. WordPress + simple theme:imbalance2 Pinterest style view

 dcdecibel curated local live music content for DC. Rails + jquery hosted on heroku. LastFM and ticketfly + unofficial Apis

 lots more news than I caught. Is there a link with it all?

 zip list was acquired by Conde-Nast. Digg’s team was hired by Washington Post is that confirmed? An acquisition-hire

 Check out FB for this weekends dctech picnic

  new incubator and new co-working spaces comin to DC

 is the live tweet stream for tonight. Lots coming up this evening.

  is largest tech meetup on the meetup platform. Is there a tech scene in DC? – Doh!!

If you are at  an involved in health come talk to me about  on 4 Jun pat of 


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