Pizza night

Last night I made pizza. I used trader Joe’s pizza dough for the bases

The pizzas were:
– Red and Green Peppers with jalapeño and avocado and a four cheese miz
– Roast beef, mustard, Stilton and mozzarella drizzled with a pomegranate balsamic vinegar with cheddar cheese 
– Bacon, Brie, avacado and pear on mozarella

The crusts were a stuffed crust filled with shredded mozzarella.

The Green and Red Peppers pizza went in first…


Then the Roast Beef and Stilton…


Finally the bacon and brie. (The bacon was freshly cooked up early to become nice and crispy before preparing the pizzas)…

One trick to remember. Use plenty of corn meal if you prepare your pizza and then transfer it to the hot pizza stone. Use plenty of corn meal to help your pizza slide off on to the pizza stone more easily.

And no – I don’t worry about trying to get my pizza bases to be perfectly round like they just came from Pizza Hut, Dominos or out of the freezer!

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