#BaltTechBreakfast at AOL/Advertising.com

This morning I am at the Baltimore Tech Breakfast. The meetup has expanded dramatically. Over 100 attendees. The venue is now at AOL/Advertising.com in Baltimore.

WooFound – Personality meets location.

A neat slider visual matching process to link you to things you like.

There will be an iOS app.

Interesting application for Roommate matching at University.

Also testing career and degree course matching. 

Initial funding but looking for venture round.

Using pandora style simple matching algorithm that learns through interaction.

IamDTech – DiversiTech

Christine Celise Johnson, Founder.

@iamdtech on twitter.

I am Diversity in Technology. Created as response to outcry for greater diversity in technology. They have a meetup group: http://www.meetup.com/iamdtech

Give Corps– Give Local. Get Local.

Ruby on Rails App. Runs at EngineYard.

Charitable giving re-invented.

Great tool for pulling all your charitable giving together. Print a summary for your tax returns.

GiveCorps.com is a for profit social enterprise.

Givecorp Foundation is non-profit focused on encouraging people to donate.

73M wine drinkers in the USA.

You can be part of the winemaking process. Crush, press, barrel and bottle your own wine.

Monica Beeman  and Chris Kent (Master Winemaker at Woodhall Wine Cellars)

Focus is on urban winemaking. 

Crushpad is one of the original companies providing this service. Based in Napa, CA. I originally visited Crushpad in San Francisco in 2008.
Also Tin Lizzie Wineworks – Clarksville, MD
City Winery, New York, NY. 

You can choose from grapes from vineyards around the world. This dictates the cost of the wine. Average is $400 for 30 bottles. Takes 6-24 months.
You can choose the type of barrel (oak, steel, aged oak).


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