#HIMSS12 #LFTF12 @reginaHolliday and Regina Benjamin kick off the day Leading from the Future

The Leading from the Future track kicks off at #HIMSS12.

Handouts can be found at http://himssconference.org/handouts

Regina Holliday talking about:

“From Doctor Strangelove to Doctor Who”

Dr. Regina Benjamin (@SGRegina): “When you lose a practice three times (hurricanes and a fire) you realize you need to find a better way to practice.

“An EHR means never having to dry wet charts in the sun again”

Prevention is the key to a sustainable health system. Prevention is an imperative.

Better health is a key to learning, productivity and prolonged independence.

CardioVascular Disease costs the USA $444B each year.

National Prevention Strategy :  Increase the number of Americans who are healthy at every stage of life.

– Healthy and Safe Community Environments
– Clinical and Community Preventive Services
– Elimination of Health Disparities
– Empowered People.

Lifestyle changes make the biggest difference. 
We must put the joy back in to health

Stop telling people what they can’t do and help them discover what they can do.

26M in USA have Diabetes. 1 in 4 don’t know they have diabetes.

The Family Health Record: Encourage families to know their health history across generations.

CDC study found 96% believe that knowing their family health history is important but less than 30% have written any of that history down.

NIH and Microsoft have developed a tool to help families create these histories.

Facebook have a tool to report suicide comments from friends. reporting triggers messages to the person talking suicide and urge them to seek help.

@SGRegina did a recent “heartchat”. This reached 3m+ people. Reached 10M in one hour.

We have to go were people work, live, eat, play and pray.

Engaging Hair stylists as health ambassadors. Started an “Exercise friendly hair style competition”

An example of removing the barriers to health.

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