Off to #smwhealth part of social media week NYC

I am heading up to New York to work with Marc Monseau and some other leading social media thought leaders to crowd source social media guidelines for the FDA. If we want to unleash the inherent knowledge and expertise in the health care world we need a set of guidelines that allow pharma and other health companies to actively engage in the conversations in social media. In taking this step we need to create a level playing field where consumers understand the source and perspectives of company representatives. At the same time we need to avoid onerous regulation that would only serve to actively discourage participation in valuable health conversations, that might promote heavy censorship of content and drive a demand for only copyright owned content to be allowed by health companies on their social media pages.

It is time to get engaged in this conversation and share your wisdom. Let’s empower the healthcare conversation.

If you are coming to the FDA event at 4:30 today come and say hi. I am easy to spot – I will be wearing my leather HealthCamp jacket that was created for #thewalkinggallery by the wonderful @reginaholliday


Mark Scrimshire
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