#Health2con @geHealth doing fascinating stuff for Aging In Place

The Deep Dive at Health 2.0 is from GE and they have some interesting technology solutions that address Aging in Place. A massive and growing market as baby boomers start retiring.


Intel-GE Care Innovations??? creates technology-based solutions that give people confidence to live independently, wherever they are. We are a unique joint venture between Intel Corporation and GE, based on a long history of driving innovation, solving hard problems, and creating new markets. In our Deep Dive session, CEO Louis Burns and Director of Clinical Development Julie Cherry will discuss Care Innovations??? vision for healthcare, and our role in the health transformation occurring today. This overview will set the stage for attendees to interact with four of our product solutions:

  • Care Innovations??? Guide, a home-based health hub that enables patients to age in place and manage their health from their own homes. An FDA-cleared system, the Guide lets healthcare organizations and providers face the challenges of chronic care, increase efficiency, and achieve organizational objectives.
  • Care Innovations??? Connect, a new wellness communications tool and social networking hub designed to address social isolation in older adults. Connect includes an easy-to-use digital device that serves as a wellness communication tool and social networking hub all in one.
  • GE QuietCare??, a network of sensors that are placed in the homes and apartments of senior community residents, which assists caregivers to provide personalized, preventative care that is individualized for each senior. GE QuietCare learns the daily living patterns of senior community residents and sends alerts when certain out-of-the-ordinary events occur. A prototype falls risk assessment system, quantifying the standard ???Timed Get Up and Go??? test with on-the-body sensor technology and algorithms that provide an assessment of likelihood of falling.

GE QuietCare provides passive sensors that use an intelligent backend to determine behaviors. This is really interesting technology. There is a VA-based company BeClose.com that is competing in this market.

Sophistication  does not mean a flashy interface. Instead it should be designed for purpose and the sophistication should be hidden in the internals and back end services.

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