#epatcon @rzeiger of Google. We understand our lives through context of stories. Shout out to @reginaHolliday

  1. Afternoon Keynote

    Chief Health Strategist, Google
    Story and Health: We learn from stories because they are the context of our lives. The best clinicians are the ones who discover and understand their patients’ stories. But stories are often lost as we attempt to make healthcare more effective and efficient with new technologies. We can rediscover the role of story in health and use it to improve care.


Roni is wearing his jacket from Regina Holliday

Check out the stories of #TheWalkingGallery here: http://t.co/nrBlIzgx @rzeiger ‘s jacket is 1 of many here
Doctors need to be extraordinarily efficient yet patient stories are not efficient – but oh so powerful

We distill people down to numbers and this is exacerbated in the era of EMRs.

Google’s and others using semantic analysis power/ voice recognition to distill wisdom and data from patient stories.

Roni’s personal experience of a dangerous health issue demonstrate the Powerful power of context in patient stories . Oh $#IT momenrts are real and need to be addressed.

Point people to www.myHealthStory.me 

We have to learn from the narrative to improve Health Care.  This is not marketing this is R&D.

GoogleHealth – a great project but it failed. But they learned a lot. No sequel in the works. Upcoming work focused on search side. Good things coming.
Power of GoogleHealth was not the UI and web site. It was the under the hood conn

GooglePlus has potential to support Doctor Patient online connections.

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