#epatcon Cyber Citizen Health Survey – @MeredithRessi-Manhattan Research

Meredith Ressi from Manhattan Research talking about data and the online landscape- The Cyber Citizen Health Survey from Q3 2011.

A Decade of eHealth (2001 to 2011)

baseline internet adoption is plateauing. 3/4 of all US Adults are doing some sort of health search. 

The majority of patients with conditions are searching on health issues online

Health Insurers are being used for health information. 

Caregivers for people with chronic conditions have risen from 10% to 18%

electronic communication with doctors has risen from 2% to 13%

Health communities have grown from 7% to 21%

Excitement is growing around electronic medical records in the general population. Expectations are emerging. 

Mobile is really happening. Faster than expected.

Search is critical. Especially on mobile.

Caregiving is going to be a major future pain point for consumers across all age groups.

The number of health stakeholders is growing.

We are evolving to participatory medicine.

99M US Adults are e-empowered health consumers. 

Despite high online adoption advanced health activities -such as PHRs still see slow modest adoption. Mobile is driving change.

Health has morphed from Static Content towards real time information and tools. It will evolve further to personalized medicine.

What is the future for hospitals if factory medicine declines and personalized medicine becomes prevalent?

Death of the audience – rise of the individual. Interesting concept to consider especially for marketers.

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