#SXSH @epatientdave: Reshaping the care relationship

Dave DeBronkhardt at Social Health.

“The Patient is not a 3rd person word”

This is coming to a kitchen Table near you. 

50M Americans have no health insurance. Consumers are picking up more of the cost of HealthCare. 

Check out Al Mulley’s Talk from TedX:

And Dave’s plea to let Patients Help:

1. Genuine Value in Health Care does arise from people with no medical training.

The web connects people to information and each other.

Health is following the evolution of the web.

Health 1.0 = Read only. Institutions publish information to users.

Health 2.0 = two-way exchange

Health 3.0= all interconnected. The web harnesses the intelligence of the participants. Sensors also come in to the mix.
This is a compound explosion in usefulness.

Markets are conversations.  – Cluetrain Manifesto, 1999.

“Patients know what patients want to know”.

Genuine Value is being Generated outside of our perceived ecosystem.

Jerome Groopman MD – How Doctors Think “15% of diagnoses are wrong so how can treatment be right?”

More and more people will be making tough decisions about their’s and their families health.

What does it take to turn a mob in to an ACOR or CureTogether?

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