#sxsh Comp.ly is doing neat stuff for transparent and responsible social media marketing

Tom Chernaik and Cmp.ly are helping provide transparency in marketing in Social Media. This is critical in health care and Pharma interactions in Social Media. 

Comp.ly addresses the compliance challenge for health care and pharma companies. 

Process management, archiving, restrictions and even analytics and ROI.

FTC Requirements – Disclosures must be clear and concise. This deals with testimonials and disclosures.


Follow Up/Takedown

This applies to the Finance industry but it is coming to Health and Pharma.

This creates a massive documentation challenge.  Listening technologies are not compliance technologies.

Lack of space is no excuse. e.g. in Twitter messages.

Hashtags aggregate conversations. They are not disclosures. 

Cmp.ly has created icons to handle compliance.  e.g. URL Cmp.ly/2 PROMO badges

Cmp.ly indicates legal or disclosure type in a tweet or Facebook link

This can also be used for contests to explain rules.

A lot goes on behind the scenes. Brands can customize policy language. Icon/badge is assigned. code/badge is used in social media. Real time stats are maintained. 

Cmp.ly focuses on the content and channels a brand generates. Other solutions, like Radian6, are better for monitoring other conversations in the wild.

Cmp.ly is still in development and is looking for input from the Health Community.

I would like to see Cmp.ly used in conjunction with the Rainbow Button initiative. Part of the path to success with the Rainbow Buttons is creating a platform for transparency with how your information is being used. A series of cmp.ly links could be used to provide a consistent explanation of how our data will be used.

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