#SXSH Aids.gov talking about mobile (@AIDSgov )

17% of mobile users coming o AIDS.gov land on the HIV page directly, bypassing the home page.

The Desktop searches are more informational where as Mobile searches are more specific and contextual.
Mobile Health Searchers are more “honest.” Desktop is more abstract. People stay on site/pages longer than on a desktop. Varying from 5 minutes to 16 minutes.Treatment steps for HIV is the longest at 16 minutes.

Highest use of search/mobile site is at 3-4am.

AIDS.gov has developed a HIV/Aids locator for access to resources. SEarch by ZipCode, Search by categories. Widgets are are available to allow it to be embedded.
The data is accessed from CDC and SAMSHA.

Mobile Website gave more reach than developing an App. A single platform (iPhone) costs the same to develop but has less reach. Cross Platform mobile apps cost 3-4 times as much but don’t have the reach of a mobile web site.


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