#Innovation and Workplace Wellness track at #sxsh led by @Femelmed

A breakout session at #SXSH in Philadelpia led by Fran Melmed @felmed

We are starting to see companies penalize people with poor health habits. For example, Humana is not recruiting people who smoke in some states. However, when will employers look at removing the stressors that drive unhealthy habits. e.g. Stress, on duty 24×7 that may drive tobacco, alcohol, drug use or medication.

That is the next phase in evolution is for employers to adapt workplace habits and processes to encourage healthier behaviors. 

People may say they want incentives but the reality is that it often doesn’t make a difference. I think we need to look at the social aspects of wellness. This goes with my saying: Health May Be Private but Wellness is Social.”

Workplace wellness is about removing the barriers that you can remove. 

A lot of people are using Fitbits to help incentivize people I love the FitBit.

90% of people know what they need to do to be healthy. The challenge is in getting them to take action.

There are some great groups on LinkedIn focused on “Wellness as a business strategy.”

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