Amazon negotiating for Palm? It does make sense…

The rumors are that Amazon is negotiating to buy Palm and WebOS from HP.

Todd Bishop at GeekWire doesn’t think this makes sense. I disagree.

Amazon has been working with Kindle and developed a great e-Reader. They are now cannibalizing the RIM playbook hardware to produce the Amazon Fire, which is now available for Pre-Order. They have to manage two OS platforms to deliver these products. May be they want to evolve around one platform that they control.

I don’t think they are so bothered about the hardware assets of the HP tablet – the real value is in the WebOS software. Remember, developing for WebOS is basically developing for HTML5. If Amazon acquires WebOS they can integrate their app marketplace, streaming, kindle and other services on a platform they own. However, there is another benefit. The apps they develop for WebOS can run as HTML5 web Apps on Android and iOS with very little development effort. 

Amazon will have control of their own platform and won’t be at the mercy of Google’s choice of development direction. You already see this on their Android platform. Amazon has been promoting it’s own marketplace rather than depending upon Google’s Android store.

WebOS is already highly portable. Apps developed for the HP tablet were ported to IOS for the iPad and ran faster than on HP’s own tablet. 

No, Buying WebOS makes a lot of sense. Take ownership of their own destiny with a good OS platform and continue to use contract manufacturers to build the hardware.

Is Microsoft dissuading Facebook from buying their own OS?

What I am amazed at is that Facebook hasn’t snapped up WebOS. It would be a great way for them to get their own OS platform for phones and tablets and allow them to compete in a vertically integrated way with Apple and Google. 

The reason they haven’t done this is probably Microsoft. 

As a major investor in Facebook I am sure Microsoft won’t want Facebook buying their own OS. They would prefer Facebook to build functionality in to Windows Phone/ Windows 8 to give Microsoft an edge in the phone and tablet wars.

HealthCampSFBay was a great success. The …

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HealthCampSFBay was a great success. The conversations were amazing. So many smart people sharing ideas in the rooms. Mind blowing and +Mike Doeff captured the essence of the day.
10 interesting things from HealthCamp SFBay |

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Taking a breath after #SXSH, #ePatCon, #HCSFBay, #Health2Dev, #Patients20 and #Health2con

It has been an amazing ten days. tiring, exhilarating, emotional, inspiring. So many emotions. So many great people. A chance to re-connect with amazing people. It is hard to pull the highlights from the plethora of amazing times. Let’s see….

…Seeing Todd_Park rev up the crowd around Data Liberacion.
…Spending time with the folks from Edelman who are helping change health care by working with organizations to engage with health consumers.
…Getting my hands on a BodyMedia device to become even more a Quantified Selfer
…Listening to Charity Tilleman-Dick sing opera just ten feet in front of me before going on to tell us of her journey which includes a double lung transplant
…Seeing ePatientDave beatboxing.
…Dinner with some amazing health thought leaders (Roni, Jonathan, Ed – it was a privilege to spend quality time with you)
…Seth Godin stirring things up
…Jane Sarasohn-Kahn driving discussion with laser like clarity but an incredible empathy with the participants
…Participating in #QS discussions at HealthCampSFBay. Those sugar pills with sensors are totally awesome!
… Listening to Dr Alan Greene and Dr Preston Maring fire up the crowd around Food and Nutrition. These guys are changing the world!
…Watching a group of techies getting to grips with kitchen knives and learning to crush garlic and prepare a fresh salad. Seeing them snake bites of tomato and cucumber as they prepared their salad. Practical health led by Preston. Amazing!
…Building the Green Button to support Data Liberacion over the weekend with Alan Viars and Ethan Fry.
…Racing to Patients 2.0 to hear such inspiring stories.
…Working with the amazing Regina Holliday and a team to put on the best show that wasn’t on the Agenda at Health 2.0. Watch out for The #RainbowButton Initiative video and Dr. HITECH, aka Ross Martin, produced an awesome rap for the video.
…Seeing some real businesses at Health 2.0. Transformation is real!
…Sharing the stage to close Health 2.0 with Patients and Farzad and Lygeia from the ONC in a session moderated by Jane Sarasohn-kahn and getting to talk about the Rainbow Button.
There are many more things that have happened but I just had to try and capture some of those highlights.


I wish I had been able to attend all of this session, but I was preparing for my participation in the Patients 2.0 session later this afternoon.

Data Utility Layer, Unplatforms ??? and Now Personal Sensors, Too!

GRAND B (Main Ballroom)

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Don???t blink but while you were working at your mHealth strategy, we???re going beyond the smartphone. In our rush to get digital, we???ve ignored the analog world. But hardware that measures a variety of human activities is back and transforming consumer engagement. Increasingly, people???s data is automatically being added to the Data Utility Layer from a multitude of devices, including automatic updates from wearable sensors. Is this the year when Unplatforms go mainstream?


There were some great demos from Withings – Blood Pressure Meter for the iPhone. AgaMatrix Glucose tester that is an IPhone accessory, RunKeeper (A device I am experimenting with myself),

The best devices fit in to our lifestyle unobtrusively.

WiMM Labs device is very cool micro android  device. Connects via WiFi to the cloud.

I should look at RunKeeper for tracking my skiing.