Waiting Room of the Future…

Mark Scrimshire  –  9:28 AM (From GooglePlus)
Great concept, although I would like to see the “Remember” leaflet stands have something like a QR code so that you could get to a web page that could then be imported to your Personal Health Record. The Prepare leaflets should be like Information Prescriptions (complete with URL). When will we see the URL as a prescription in the Doctor’s office?
Howard Luks's profile photoHoward Luks originally shared this post:
Redesigning the waiting room concept in healthcare…. That assumes of course there was a concept that most followed previously… 😦

Howard Asked me to elaborate “just a tad…” so here goes:

To elaborate….. 

QR Codes: If each leaflet was associated with a QR code that pointed to a web page that contained a copy of the leaflet content. If there are recommendations, say for exercise the page could have “add a reminder” to your calendar. Basically, rather than just have a leaflet – I am not knocking that, in fact the leaflet could include the QR Code and a URL for more information. Have a link to a resource that encourages more adherence and engagement. Also, if relevant have the ability to export the page information in a semi structured form like the BlueButton so people can add the information to their Personal Health Record.

On the Information Prescription Front. I would love to see The Doctors tablet or phone use Bump technology to allow a patient to bump with their smartphone and receive the record of their visit, their prescription and information that is pertinent to their visit. ie. The selection of “Remember leaflets.”  Since we forget 90% of what we are told during a Doctor’s visit, within 5 minutes of leaving the office the Information Prescription is a vital tool in helping to improve adherence and ultimately better health.



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