#hcfla Caregiving: It is not as easy as you think – Pam Gaylor

The fascinating story of a changing role for an entire family. a two plus year journey.

Mother fell. Child to Parent. Job change to become caregiver. From a traveling job to a locally based role.

The Pits

– Becoming the advocate
– Frustration with the system
– Home Health Care Nightmare
– Becoming a nurse
– Becoming a research expert
– Support is minimal

The Rewards
– Becoming the Nurse/Research Expert
– Seeing her Mom’s improvement
– Giving ALWAYS outweighs Receiving
– New Enriched Life with New Friends

Starting CareGiver’s Foundation


– Organization is key
– Find Time for You
– Go with your Gut
– Humor
– Document, Document, Document
– Persistence Pays
– Technology

Now for the discussion???..

How do you handle the changing role?
Sons and daughters have different roles because of perceptions of the parent.

Hospice is engaged when people have a 6 month life expectancy.


Internet – Google is my Friend
Continual Connection to new Technologies
Using Memory Mate

We also talked about BeClose as a monitoring tool set.

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