#hcfla Brain-Hacking – Tracy Ingram @tracyingram @intentiontech

Interesting final session from Tracy Ingham. Brain Hacking.

Brain Wave States: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.

Beta – Awake
Alpha – Relaxed
Theta, Deep relaxation
Delta – Deep Sleep.

The brain doesn’t handle binaural auditory input well. It makes up the gaps to create balance.

Can we use sound to change state – hence change their mood.

The Monroe Institute’s Hemi-Sync is the most popular example of this.

iBrainwave (Free)
Brainhack (99c)
i-Doser ($4.99)

Bio Electricity.

“The Matrix is Real”

Microsoft in 2009 received a patent to use Bio Electrical energy.
The same theory is used to allow our fingers to control an iPhone or iPad.
Orion Bioscan can detect cellular degeneration. (A russian device)


#hcfla Caregiving: It is not as easy as you think – Pam Gaylor

The fascinating story of a changing role for an entire family. a two plus year journey.

Mother fell. Child to Parent. Job change to become caregiver. From a traveling job to a locally based role.

The Pits

– Becoming the advocate
– Frustration with the system
– Home Health Care Nightmare
– Becoming a nurse
– Becoming a research expert
– Support is minimal

The Rewards
– Becoming the Nurse/Research Expert
– Seeing her Mom’s improvement
– Giving ALWAYS outweighs Receiving
– New Enriched Life with New Friends

Starting CareGiver’s Foundation


– Organization is key
– Find Time for You
– Go with your Gut
– Humor
– Document, Document, Document
– Persistence Pays
– Technology

Now for the discussion???..

How do you handle the changing role?
Sons and daughters have different roles because of perceptions of the parent.

Hospice is engaged when people have a 6 month life expectancy.


Internet – Google is my Friend
Continual Connection to new Technologies
Using Memory Mate

We also talked about BeClose as a monitoring tool set.

@LiivMD room Brain Machine Interfaces @HealthCampFL #hcfla

Listening in to the session on Brain Machine Interfaces here at  HealthCampFlorida

Hearing how scientists trained monkeys using bio feedback to train monkeys.

Helped Amputees imagine moving a missing limb.  Some remapping occurs in the brain. 

Brain computer interfaces are more generalized than brain robotic interfaces.

Fine grained detection at the micron level requires surgery.

Coarser and slow monitoring is possible without invasive surgery. Devices for this are incredibly expensive.

EKGs are a mid point.

EEG based Brain Computer Interfaces are very cheap. Electrodes are placed on the skull. The downside is that the learning curve is time consuming but they are not suitable for precise control.

Discrete Decision Making P300 – can detect a brain wave 300ms after an unexpected event. 

Neuron Spike based BMI surgical procedure. Implanted in surgery via a pneumatic gun. High speed and precise control but spikes have a limited life of up to 3-5 years. implanted in to the motor cortex.  The problem is that the detection decreases over time. Still very much a research level activity. 

Decoding – Neurons prefer to fire in a specific direction.  Amalgamate the readings from a group of neurons and you can determine movements – even imagined movements.

Trends in Brain Computer and Brain Motor Interface Research.
– Progressed from binary decision to 3D 
– Moving from Laboratory test to clinical trial

Cyberkinetics, Inc. have FDA Approval for brain implants.

Now testing Force based motor control. 

The newest research is on erasing memories. The molecule for Long Term Potentiation has been isolated.  PKMzeta is needed to maintain LTP. PKMzeta can be blocked by using ZIP (protein) to block.  Boosting PKMzeta can lead to faster learning.

This is cutting edge stuff. It makes you wonder is PTSD can be alleviated by erasing certain memories without damaging the brain.

Non-invasive techniques are most promising for motor control but it takes training. The challenge is that some people are naturally adept at controlling this and other people are not. 

#hcfla HealthCampFlorida.org is tomorrow 7.30.11

The co-founders are on the road to HealthCamp Florida in Tampa via /BWI and SouthWest.

We are looking forward to the walk through at facility sponsor KForce this afternoon and then meeting sponsors for dinner. It will be great to meet the Guidewelll Health team out of Jacksonville and I hear that CEO and twitter nurse of the year Matthew Browning of YourNurseIsOn.com will also be there. So Tampa on Saturday 7.30.11 I the place to be for HealthCamp Florida.

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#mobihealthDC the audience is mainly technical

Dr. Caterina Lasome is moderating the panel

Douglas naegele – investors and innovators freaked out by regulatory issues. Matthew Holland – social has moved fast in past 24 months.

Lyndsey Hoggle to @Joshnesbit
Can we use this technology to address hunger?

Webmd is educating providers not about meaningful use but about basic issues of adoption. Use comes later. Lots of uncertainty. Douglas N – mobile offer great opportunity to deliver emr to people without PC and broadband access.

Josh Nesbit every app exists within a system

Think can it happen / will it happen

Medic mobile is in 14 countries and works closely with USAID.

Great session!

Congratulations to David Blackburn for organizing!

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#mobihealthDC @dougnaegele talking about us mobile health #QS references

Kudos to @caroltorgan for #QS data.

Moving to auto sensors so people don’t have to manually enter data.

Geopalz for kids

Embedded assessment
Wire coffee makers, pillboxes and other devices.
Senses change over time and detects degradation over time

Asthmapolis. Asthma inhaler coupled with GPS. Mapping usage with far greater accuracy. Yields better understanding of triggers.

Zeo sleep tracker collects data while you sleep.

Medtronic minilink for glucose measurement. Measures every minute

Tattoo with special ink used to measure uv light and fete one glucose levels

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