#hipdc @Lostonroute66 talking PillBox

We are here supporting HealthCamp allumni David Hale (@lostonroute66) and Lindsey Hoggle (@lindseybh) who are presenting at Health Informatics Pulse (#HIPDC).

David will be closing the session by telling us about HealthCamp program graduate PillBox going live. This is great news!

Lindsey Hoggle will also be talking about Meaningful Use. I am keen to see what Lindsey has to say as a consultant from the front lines in an adventure in HITECH implementation. Charles Sneiderman kicks off discussing EMRs and clinical decision support tool for post traumatic stress ( no D for disorder because PTS can be considered a normal response to a hyper stressful situation.)

Next up Mones Abu-Asab talking about toxic assets in micro biology. Heterogeneity of rumors occurs at multiple levels. Phylogenetics offers best chance to perform effective analysis using a parsimonious approach. Lindsey Hoggle is up to talk about meaningful use. The legislation HITECH act passed in 2009. Basically meaningful use means implementing EMRs and putting then to use for the benefit of patients.

Markle found 85% of public not familiar with HITECH. Results not much better amongst the medical community. 2011 we are in stage 1. Incentives are available but Penalties start in 2014.

The data follows the patient – electronically.

Now up David Hale talking PillBox 53 slides in 5 minutes.

Getting pill data today is like searching for a meddle in a haystack of haystacks.

Pillbox makes pill data accessible. Vice Le data liberacion.

Mashing multiple data sets makes data accessible and actionable.

The open API Arrives – no key required

David Hale – rock star with the matrix jacket! Mission accomplished. Complete with mention of the roots of pillbox in the public domain at healthCamp DC in 2008.

The sequel to Pillbox? Pillbox 2 is international development incorporating foreign pills.

Question for Lindsey – how can we discover who has implemented EMRs and practice management systems and taken grant money for that purpose. Let’s unleash that data to help the public in their choice of providers. Will accountable care eat the lunch of meaningful use? It is not a competition. It is a crisis. ACOs are part of the solution. We all have to work together. IT is a critical component in achieving interoperability. It was a HealthCamp audience that introduced the data on inactive ingredients (found at pubmed) to pillbox. This is critical info for some allergy sufferers but was information that was previously unavailable.

Mark Scrimshire
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