#tcamp11 How Does Confidential Data Fit Into Transparency discussion

More from TransparencyCamp 2011 (http://m.tcamp.us). The 3:15pm session about confidential data and transparency.


Private or Confidential data categories:

Government Processes:
– Advice/Consultation
– Pre and Post Legal/Enforcement Planning

– Health
— Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
— Personal Health Information (PHI) – Medicare/Medicaid

– Courts

Danger of “Mosaic” 
– You can closely identify people by Gender, Date of Birth and ZipCode

FISMA – Federal Information Security Management Act

Proforma Checkbox v. Risk scoring (more nuanced)

– Are these hidden to protect agencies?
— or to protect political contributors
– Or are they hidden for sake of people at risk?

US Laws:
– HIPAA (Health)
– FERPA (Education)

Playstation Network breach may involve 30% of US Citizens.
70M People’s credit card and other personal information.

How do we present reward to releasing information
– Reflect well on an agency
– Deflect political risk

Efficiency and Effectiveness can have implications for our privacy.

17 Agencies have to ask SSA to validate SSN.

More information is online. Harder to operate incognito. Federal information can have local impacts.

“Who are you afraid of?”

Credit cards companies know more about you than the Government. The Government may have more data but can’t link it as easily.

Private Data:
– Growing enormously

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