#tcamp11 Esther Dyson (@edyson) leading a session with M Cary (@boundroid) on Health Data Transparency

More from Transparency Camp 2011 (http://transparencycamp.org/sessions/48/)

Do we have an obligation to publish our de-identified Health Data for the greater good?

[ED: How can we share our data if we don’t control it]

Talking about FitBit and Zeo sleep monitor.

PatientsLikeme.com and genomera mentioned about tracking data.

cochrane.org (UK) and bandolier for evidence-based information.

How can I sum up this session. A wide ranging conversation. 

Consumers need to demand their data. When they have access then they can think about donating their data. 

The Consumer is the de facto Health Information Exchange  and not the emergent State-based Health Information Exchanges.

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