#whchpi #hcct #hcsd11 switching from health ppm innovation to user generated health

I have spent the last 3 days in Orlando at the World Health Care Congress Health Plan Innovation Conference. I am on te flight back to Baltimore for long enough to re-pack my bag and catch an early morning flight to San Diego for HealthCamp San Diego – http://healthcampsandiego.org and the health2.0 Spring fling – http://www.health2con.com.

The good news from the conference is that there is a lot of innovation going on. While plans are mobilizing to address the challenges of health reform they are also making big changes in other areas. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is making great strides in retail health. Their Blue stores have taken a leaf from the Apple Store playbook.

Careverge is doing fascinating things by Building detailed analytics behind a personalized health and wellness site.

Humana is making strides with a broad gaming strategy.

A number of health plans have made great strides in the last 12 months.

One area I still see plenty of room for provident is in baking social in to the basic fabric of health applications because…

Health may be private but wellness is social.

So, as I pack for my trip to HealthCamp San Diego I am looking forward to learning more about Quantified Self because I believe that is the onset of User Generated Health.

So come on join me on Sunday in San Diego. If you can’t make that meet me in New Haven, CT on Saturday 2nd April at the Yale School of Nursing for HealthCampCT – http://healthca.mp/ct

Mark Scrimshire
B: http://ekive.blogspot.com
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