HealthCampCT (#hcct) 1 month to go! Get your tickets now.

On Saturday April 2nd, 2011 The Yale University School of Nursing hosts HealthCampCT@Yale in New Haven, CT. ??Tickets are available via Eventbrite and sponsorship opportunities are open for innovative companies to get involved in this exciting un-conference event.

Yale's HealthCare 2011 event occurs the day before so if you are planning to attend the conference you should definitely extend your visit in to Saturday.??

HealthCamp is where people from across the health care spectrum meet and discuss innovative ways to promote patient engagement and healthy lifestyles. Medical professionals attend to understand how Social Media can benefit their work.??

Entrepreneurs get involved to inform people who are passionate about participatory health care of the benefits of the solutions they have developed. HealthCamp has also launched new solutions as people look at health care challenges from different angles and different experiences.

So come along go to get your ticket now.

Add the #hcct hashtag to your twitter feed to follow developments for this un-conference.??

Book your ticket for HealthCampCT@Yale today. I am going to be there, are you?



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