@Tweetdeck for iPhone crashes – my cure

For a while my copy of @Tweetdeck on my iPhone has been regularly crashing. I could cause a crash with ease. All it needed was to hit the Refresh button and the app would quit back to the Springboard menu. Today it got even worse. Tweetdeck would not even load on my iPhone. I tried restarting my iPhone – No dice. I could no longer access Tweetdeck. My next step was to sync my iPhone with iTunes. Another restart of the iPhone and still no dice.

The final step that I took was to delete Tweetdeck from my iPhone and re-install. This seemed to fix the problem. After going through the re-install process and re-syncing with the Tweetdeck servers my search columns were back. What’s more not only does Tweetdeck load but now the refresh button works without crashing the app.

So, if you are having problems with Tweetdeck on the iPhone try deleting the app and re-downloading from the App Store.


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