#Health3 Conference opens with remarks from Rose Gantner, Sr. Director UPMC

Live blogging from the Health 3.0: The Next Online Generation Conference in Orlando Florida.

Rose Gantner is Sr. Director of Health Promotion, Consumer Education, Training & Innovation at UPMC Work Partners and is chairing this conference.

Rose kicks off with an Introduction to Social Media… the very basics.

Social Media is complementary to existing media, not a replacement.

Quality content is critical to success.

82.9% of people online watch videos. Everybody is in Social Media whether they know it or not.

Corporate Social Media leaders: Best Buy, GM, Starbucks, Ford, Procter & Gamble.
In Health Care the prominent leaders are: Henry Ford Health Systems, Scott & White Healthcare, Mayo Clinic (thanks to the efforts of @LeeAase).

Between 2009 and 2010 Social Media use at Hospitals has doubled (441 to 890 organizations).

Understand your platforms: What you can control, What you can influence, Where you can participate.

Elements to measure:
– Exposure (content and message)
– Engagement (where and why with content)
– Influence (perceptions and attitudes)
– Actions (sign ups, reduction in call volumes)

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