#health2con – Health 2.0 tools for employers

More real time notes from the Health 2.0 Conference….

Moderator – Jennifer Benz – Founder and Chief Strategist – Benz Communications

Fred Goldstein – US Preventive Medicine

Demonstrated “The Prevention Plan

Incentives program for employees. 

Michael Laskoff – CEO and Founder – AbilTo

Provides structured online video chat programs with registered therapists and coaches to help deal with transitions.

The example was Momentum – Return from Family Leave Program.

Amir Kishon – CEO – Wellness Layers

Gave an example of a wellness site produced in conjunction with EHE International. EHE & Me is an evolution of the EHE PHR. 

Douglas Trauner, CEO and Founder , TheCarrot.com

TheCarrot provides a simple tracking environment. There is also an iPhone app. There are programs for things like smoking cessation weight loss etc.

Individuals can define their reasons for taking part. The program makes it easy to reflect back on progress,

Lindsey Volkmann, Director, Business Dvelopment – Keas

Keas provides a Care Management Platform.

Keas has an employer focused solution in conjunction with Healthwise.

Make it simple, make it rewarding, make it easy, make it collaborative.

Employees can join in a team and compare team performance against other teams.

Fred Goldstein: For every $1 in healthcare cost an employer spends they lose $3 in employee productivity.

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