Next step for Apple: The iPad hub

There is a lot of discussion at the moment about the iPad and it’s affect on low end Mac Sales and the sales of notebooks and netbooks. The fact is that you really need a PC or Mac to activate and update your iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch. So I have been thinking…..

If Apple were really smart (ok – Apple are really smart!) they would produce software for their Mac Mini that allows it to act as a hub for the iPad equipped family. Imagine them selling a Mac Mini that could automatically start up and operate as an iTunes/iPad hub. Put an app in the iStore to allow you to configure and control your Mac Mini (or any other mac for that matter). The Mac Mini is ideal for this now – With the HDMI interface you just plug it in to your large screen TV. Plug your iPad or iPhone in to the USB port anytime you want to do an update or backup.

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