iLife’11 on August 17th – The mystery app – could it be….

According to Apple is rumored to be releasing iLife’11 on August 17th with a mystery app. The iPod line up is also due for a refresh, if not at the iLife launch event then by September at the latest. At the same time iOS 4.1 Beta 3 has included the ability to use Facetime via an email address. The new iPod Touch is expected to have one or more cameras. Front and rear facing(?) so they can take part in FaceTime chats.

When you put all this together I am wondering if the Mystery App in iLife’11 is a FaceTime app. It would make sense. Rather than wait for the next Mac OS X update if they add a FaceTime App to iLife they can immediately include it in all new Macs that are shipped but can also see it adopted on existing Macs when people upgrade to iLife’11. Hopefully this will include working on older versions of Mac OS X, including on PowerPC machines.

Taking that step would rapidly create a large community of FaceTime users and also enhance the halo effect that gives one more reason for a iPhone  user with a PC to upgrade to a Mac.

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