Come on #Apple give us iChat with FaceTime so we can call people with #iPhone 4s

Apple has released Facetime as an open standard for video calling. Initially this will be an iPhone to iPhone wifi call.
If Apple want’s to increase the halo effect of the iPhone then they should release an update to their iChat application for Mac OS X that allows iChat to iPhone Facetime calls.
This would do two things:

1. Set the stage for the iPod Touch to be able to do the same thing at the next hardware refresh.2. Give people an additional incentive to trade up from a PC to a Mac.

If Apple doesn’t do this then we can expect one of the universal IM clients to do this. If that happens via a PC IM client rather than on a Mac then there evolves a reverse halo effect where people are better off buying a PC than a Mac.

So come on Steve, Facetime on iChat —- PLEASE!!!!


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