Adobe – Get your Flash story straight with

I have just finished diagnosing some Browser loading issues with Safari 5. Since upgrading Safari had been “funky”. The problems seemed to be to do with Flash.

So – I did a Google search and picked the Version Test for Adobe Flash Player – the top result and it comes from an Adobe site.
You run the version check and check the latest version number in the listing at the bottom of the page. Yes, they tell you that the latest version is
However when you go to a different Adobe page you get a different table of “Latest versions”

Either Google needs to update their search results, or Adobe needs to clean up the pages that do version checks.

This is the that comes out at the top of the Google Search results:

This is the page:

Oh, by the way – Bing gives the exact same sequencing of search results. Adobe – go fix your web pages. Don’t you have a web page editor tool for that????


#iPhone looks like a run away success – IF #ATT can get out of #Fail and accept orders

Apple is struggling to handle orders for the iPhone. The site is running slowly. I think the main reason is the queue of requests to AT&T to validate information. There will be a lot of upgraders and as such you need to validate information with AT&T. This seems to be where the system is choking.

So, If you go to AT&T Wireless directly and try to use their upgrade process you get a fail message:

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It looks like AT&T once again can’t handle the demand for the new iPhone. It isn’t as if they didn’t know this was coming!

Come on #Apple give us iChat with FaceTime so we can call people with #iPhone 4s

Apple has released Facetime as an open standard for video calling. Initially this will be an iPhone to iPhone wifi call.
If Apple want’s to increase the halo effect of the iPhone then they should release an update to their iChat application for Mac OS X that allows iChat to iPhone Facetime calls.
This would do two things:

1. Set the stage for the iPod Touch to be able to do the same thing at the next hardware refresh.2. Give people an additional incentive to trade up from a PC to a Mac.

If Apple doesn’t do this then we can expect one of the universal IM clients to do this. If that happens via a PC IM client rather than on a Mac then there evolves a reverse halo effect where people are better off buying a PC than a Mac.

So come on Steve, Facetime on iChat —- PLEASE!!!!

#apple – Think about it – iPod Touch to get a camera at next refresh for FaceTime?

After reviewing the Steve Jobs key note speech from the Apple WWDC event last week I got to thinking about one statement that Steve made.

When Steve demoed Facetime he stated two things:

1. In 2010 FaceTime would be wifi only
2. In 2010 Apple would ship 10’s of Millions of FaceTime equipped devices.

My only conclusion is that the iPod Touch will get a facelift in the traditional September/October refresh for the winter buying season. Apple is gearing up to build approximately 3M iPhone 4’s each month. That would be approximately 18M phones.
The iPod Touch will run iOS4 and therefore the only thing it is missing is the mic and camera. Given that the last design refresh had space for a camera it is highly likely Apple will have sorted out the issues and can include at least a front facing video camera to enable FaceTime. Including this capability in the iPodTouch will let Apple comfortably reach their “10’s of millions” target. It no doubt means that the iPad will get the camera treatment for the next design refresh in 2011.

Back on the grid with Clearwire

At work our network is heavily filtered. To add to that I have been bounced from the guest network. This explains why I have been “off the grid” so much in the last six months. It has been like having an arm permanently tied behind my back. The river of information that normally flows to me through my Social Media connections had dwindled to the occasional dribble.

With the imminent launch of the iPhone 4 I had held off finding an alternative solution and had been muddling through by using a Blackberry Storm via Bluetooth and Verizon’s network in order to get online to Social Media and Video sites. The connection kept dropping out and throughput wasn’t great.

Living in Baltimore I had seen that Xohm, the now defunct Sprint-Nextel 4G network had launched a year ago as a test zone in our area. Sprint passed Xohm off to Clearwire and the new sign ups in Baltimore were suspended. All that changed last week. Now Clearwire is signing up people in Baltimore and Washington DC again.

So why not wait for the iPhone 4? 

That’s simple – AT&T changed the rules. In their quest to suck more money out of their under performing network AT&T changed the unlimited (really a 5GB/month plan) to a 200MB or 2GB per month plan. I fail to see how it will save their network. It is obviously more a ploy to dip deeper in  to subscriber’s pockets before they lose their Exclusivity deal on the wonder phone (see my earlier post). 

With AT&T changing the rules and on top of turning a 5GB plan in to a 2GB plan, they are also releasing (finally) the tethering option. This will cost an extra $20/month but you get no extra download capacity for your $20/month. Instead, you are paying extra for the privilege of using up your smaller data plan more quickly.

So AT&T – I don’t want your tethering plan. I may move to the iPhone 4 but I don’t want to loose the data plan I have been on for the past 3 years. 

So Hello Clearwire!  Once I found they were opening up to new subscribers I purchased a 4G USB Modem for my Mac. There is no data cap on the plan. Unlimited is unlimited. What’s more for $40/month I have 6MB download and 1MB upload with no cap on usage. This is all on a month-to-month plan with no contract and no extortionate Early Termination Fee. Take that AT&T.

I ordered the modem yesterday and within 24 hours it was delivered in to my hands. The installation on the Mac is trivial. A flash drive contains the installation software (for Mac and Windows). Once the Connection Manager software was installed I updated my Network Preferences (The installation had set everything up) and I hit connect. I was prompted to Fill in a couple of account screens at within a couple of minutes I was happily surfing around the Internet at speeds that put the Verizon CDMA network to shame. In fact it even seemed faster than my company network!

When I got home I ran a speed test to compare Clearwire to Verizon FIOS. Yes, FIOS is faster but it is also more expensive (about 50% more per month)
Here are the snapshots from the speed test:

All in all, it was a trouble free sign up process and an absolutely painless installation. The resulting browsing experience is great. Probably faster than DSL and I was only getting about 75% signal strength. 

The downside is that 4G WiMax from Clearwire is limited to a small, but growing number of markets. If you have coverage in your city and spend most of your time out and about in that city then it is an excellent and cost effective solution. If you travel more widely the 4G modem solution is not going to be what you want. If I find a need to travel I will probably upgrade to the 4G+ modem that offers 4G WiMax and 3G coverage via Sprint. This would add $15/month to the service cost – which is still competitive. While on 3G you would have a 5GB bandwidth cap each month. 

The combined 4G/3G solution is more cost effective than the major carriers offer and does not require a contract. The only downside is that drivers for Mac OS X are not currently available for the  4G/3G modem. Let’s hoping that is fixed soon, otherwise Mac OS X users would need to get a portable cradlepoint wireless router (also sold as the ClearSpot).

#Health2con – Wrapping up @boltyboy with Esther Dysan and others.

Realtime notes from #Health2con

Esther Dysan: 

“It is not the Government’s job to be enough.”  It is up to all of us. 

Will Yu – Director of Innovations at ONC

Focusing on Communication and Collaboration.
Applied Research.

Chris Schroeder – HealthCentral
If you deliver something Bigger, Faster, Easier, Better, more beautiful and someone will find a way to pay for that.

Health 2.0 and government initiatives are about breaking down Opaque

New technologies are enabling new behaviors. Most Americans have never really interacted with their personal health record.
Think how long it took to adopt online banking.

We need to turn this in to motivation for individuals.

When people go online. they don’t go online to consume messages. They go online for attention.

Will Yu:
Incentives within Personal Health Management – assumes you can incentivize change.

How do you create motivation. How do you create engagement. e.g. wikipedia, Linus, Open Source (HealthCamp!!!)

Is is about creating connection. That creates powerful emotional drive.

Is there enough push from Patient Activism to drive change.

What inspires Chris is the empowered patient.  Internet Connections creating social groups gives the individual courage. We are not alone!

The market is segmented. Businesses need to make money. They need revenue. 
People are different. They are driven by other things and become role models.

The role models create data that allows the accountable to make changes.

Health 2.0’ers are becoming more savvy and sophisticated.

Harvard – BJ Fogg looking at Micro-choices.

Now the wrap up from Indu and Matthew:

Personal Health Records – It’s about the ethos of the PHR.

The Health 2.0 community is more sophisticated and is more focused on how to engage.

One sector can’t do it alone.

Join in the Health 2.0 Challenge

Health Innovation Week in San Francisco October 3-10.

The Conference wrapped up with a video on the use of Health 2.0 and Web 2.0 technologies that show how these tools were used in the Haiti Earthquake disaster. This video was hosted by Roni Zeiger of Google.

– iPhones to document health records and treatments
– SMS short code to coordinate information 4636
– Crowdflower a micro-task platform
– Google

Google – provided a resource matching solution.