Damned Facebook – too clever for their own good?


After a great couple of days at HealthCampRDU in Durcham, NC (http://healthcamprdu.org)??I was browsing the web catching up on tech news and tried to share an article with friends on Facebook.

Facebook Connect popped up with the message that my account had recently been accessed from an unfamiliar location. This has happened before and I changed my password. THis time the prompts were different. I was taken through a series of pictures to identify people. After guessing who the pictures belonged to (all of the pictures were ones I have never seen before) Believe me it is hard to guess who is identified in a picture when they aren’t there and it is a picture of a chair and a glass…..

Well, after the final picture I was prompted to submit my answers. The only problem was that there was no submit button. The picture was a tall one and the button to press was off the screen and the page (it was one of those popups for Facebook connect) had no scrolling.

I had to cancel out of the page. Now I find I am locked out of Facebook for at least an hour.??

Come on Facebook. If you are going to throw in these challenges make sure they work within the limited windows that Facebook Connect uses on other sites.??

Facebook – You have a Fail on your hands.

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