#hcrdu Robert Furberg How the Internet, Social Media and Mobile sets us up for (r)evolution in Health Care

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Robert Furberg: RTI International

60% of the USA Have Broadband Internet

South Korea is the most connected country in the world. 97% of households have Broadband. In the USA we pay $50/month. On average S Korean households pay $29.99 per month. 14.99Megabytes/second. About 10 times the speed in the USA.

The connectivity deficit is being addressed by the Connecting America National Broadband Plan. Go Read Chapter 10.

Some Health care related impacts:

– Create appropriate incentives for e-care utilization. e-care is more telemedicine. 
– Modernize regulations to enable HIT Adoption. 100k PCPs to meet meaningful use by 2012. Medicare/Medicaid rates will reflect use of EMR.
– Unlock the value of data.
– Ensure connectivity for health care delivery locations.

Cancer In The Family

A site currently undergoing evaluation. Hereditary Disposition to Breast Cancer. Tools and worksheets for risk assessment for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer.

Providers assess the tool to see patient risk assessment. Tips on talking with the patient. Patient also receives the flip side of this information.  

A Family Tree is also created. Output available to a PHR.


Everyone in the audience has a mobile phone. 3 of the 100+ DON’t have a smartphone.

83% of young adults and 94% of teenagers have mobiles
This is a major growth area for HealthCare – Worldwide. 

Nearly 70% of people worldwide have Cellphones. Versus Internet access at 25%. Fixed phone lines will drop. Mobile broadband is set to explode.

In the USA 64% of subscribers have sent a text to another phone. (March 2010 – Comscore)

Adoption is influenced by the pricing model. 

SMS is secure and can be targeted to  individuals.

HealthCare and Social Media

Doctors tweeting from the Operating Room

WebMD has created Health Exchange. Moderated discussions across a range of acute and chronic conditions.

e-Patients are equipped, enabled, empowered, engaged, equals, emancipated and experts.

26% of doctors have admitted going to Wikipedia to research a medical condition. 

5,000 Medical apps on the iPhone.

74% of health apps are aimed at consumers.

Clinical Decision Support is being aimed at all smartphone platforms and the iPad.
iPad already has an EMR app.

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