#hcrdu @kalbritton talking about Reigning in online influencers

More real time notes from #HCRDU HealthCampRDU in Durham, NC:

The emerging role of strangers in life and death decisions

The web is changing patient doctor interactions – about 25% of patients come in with research prior to an appointment.

But misinformation makes it harder to deal with patient misconceptions.

You need health information – Where do you go: 1. Doc, 2. Friends/Family, 3. Google

Most influential source: 1. Doctor, 2. Google, 3. Not Sure. – Insurers web sites…. 1% (at the bottom)

Online information changes how a patient treats a condition (58%). 

The doctor is now the second opinion.

86% of Docs search for health information on line….and they start with Google.

How does the web affect the Doc-Patient Relationship?

– It can enrich and facilitate the interaction

We need a Digg for Docs to counter erroneous information

If Docs go to Wikipedia – they need to commit to updating erroneous information. Communally it helps all doctors.

NC has http://familydoctor.org but how do you get these sites with credible information to be prominent in searches.

Physician offices should make recommendations on where to look for information.

People search online for people with similar conditions. 

People with chronic conditions may be less likely to go online BUT WHEN THEY DO they are more likely to blog and participate in forums about their health problems.

The younger generation don’t interact with pharmacists in the same way their parents do. They view pharmacies as chain stores that has devalued the role of the pharmacist.

Health communities online are most appealing because they are available 24×7.

Sara Baker – The Faux Patient on Facebook.

Social Media in Health Care – the genie is out of the bottle.

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