#hcrdu Jeff Taekman wrapping up with keynote talking about health and gaming

Children today have different expectations about learning. They have different skills. 

Jeff is looking at creating Physician Leaders.
Lectures don’t change behavior. Work – Learn – Work.

Apply information in context. Situational cognition with deliberate practice.
This leads to immersive education. In the MD field this involves:

High Fidelity Simulation, Virtual Reality, Task Trainers, and Computer Education. The goal is to improve patient safety.

Check out Virtual Heroes for a commercial offshoot of this learning: http://www.virtualheroes.com/

Multiplayer, Scaleable, expandable, Minimal equipment, Internet enabled including voice, avatars.

Sense of touch has been slowest to develop in virtual world. 

Immersive Learning Environment @ Duke – looking at incorporating Social aspects. 

Learning also applies to patients. e.g. They can learn implications of following/not following their medication regimes.

There is a place for all the different technologies. e.g. Augmented Reality. The question is what are getting people to learn.


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