#whccic patchy connectivity at another health care conference

It is amazing to be attending yet another forward looking Health Care Conference and once again there is no Internet. It seems to sum up everything that is wrong with Health Care. The industry is inwardly focused and shut off from new ideas.

As was discussed this morning in the keynote address, the Internet is transforming industries from Finance to Travel to Publishing. Health Care can’t escape that.

Increasingly patients are collecting information about themselves on line. They are searching on the Internet for information and yet the industry closes it’s eyes and ears to the new reality.

Our doctors are some of the most highly paid transcriptionists in the world. We sit in their offices with us and ask us questions and write information down in our medical history. Information that we may well have already recorded in a Personal Health Record.

We have to break down the glass wall between Patient, Provider and Payer. Being able to share information will help us reduce cost.

anyway…. enough of my rant. Let’s get back to the recorded programming……..


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