Buzz…Tweet…Ping! Connecting the dots from Google Buzz

Google’s launch of Buzz this week has seen a flurry of interest this week. 

Seesmic, who recently acquired Ping.FM was very quick to work out a way to integrate Buzz. You can see the information on the Seesmic Blog. The gist of the method is to add gTalk to your Ping.FM account and then add gTalk to Buzz. Then use Ping.FM to broadcast your brief missives and let Ping post to Twitter, Facebook, Buzz etc. Ping let’s you post from just about anywhere: from mobiles, from IM and via email. They even have an iGoogle widget you can add to your iGoogle page.

Posterous also came out very quickly with a method to update Buzz with posts from your Posterous blog. They basically recommend you add a link to your Google Profile in to your Posterous Bio and then update your Google Profile. Follow their advice here. I found that I didn’t even need to trigger a re-crawl via the Social Graph API.

For me the bigger issue is that I use the IMAP feed from Gmail and read my mail in Mac Mail. I rarely go to GMail’s web interface. I do however use Google Reader. After a little investigation and deviousness I found that I can pull the Buzzes of people I am following in to Google Reader. Her is how to do this:

Integrating Buzz with Google Reader

Step 1. Go to GMail and Buzz. 

Step 2. Find a Buzz from someone you want to follow. Click on the person’s name. Then click on the Google profile link under their name and picture.

Step 3. Select the buzz tab in their profile. The buzz page has an RSS feed. Grab the RSS URL. e.g.

Step 4. Go to Google Reader and add a new subscription. Once you have added the subscription, select the feed and in Feed settings rename the feed from the default “Google Buzz” to something more specific. I recommend using the name of the Person. e.g. Mark Scrimshire’s Buzzes. Go back to Feed settings and move the feed to a folder. I created a “Buzzing” folder to group all my Buzz feeds in one place.

Step 5. You can also add a link to your full Google Buzz feed in to Google Reader. Ad this link as a subscription:

I acknowledge that this is not perfect. The RSS Feeds may take time to refresh. They also don’t appear to show replies to buzzes. Therefore you don’t see the full thread of a conversation that someone you are following may be having with another person via buzz. 

There are some advantages of this approach:
– You can search reader for old buzzes. This is an approach I have used with Twitter when Twitter limited their searches to the prior seven days only.

– If you go to Reader on a regular basis rather than Gmail then these feeds allow you to keep an eye on Buzz to see if anything interesting is emerging. This is useful if you are not sure you want to jump in to Buzz with both feet yet.

– It allows you to merge buzz in to your existing daily workflow if you are not a a heavy Gmail user.

If you come across other useful tools or techniques to integrate Buzz with other platforms please let me know by replying to this post.

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