#Health30 – John Mills, Dir Prod Dev at Emblem Health – mobilize your org to support Social Media

More from Health 3.0 Conference:

John Mills tlaking about how to mobilize your organization to support Social Media

Emblem Health is based in NY and has 4M members.

Benefits of Social Media:

– Great for message testing
– Direct access to customers (no media filtering)
– Good way to build a buzz
– Promote image

General Issues:

– Trust
— Members like their plan but distrust Health Plans in general
— Concerned about PHR and Privacy
— Concerned about bad image from negative comments – this is happening anyway – out of sight

Internal Issues – Apprehension – rises as you go up the organization:
— Lack of control
— Fear of unknown
— Negative Publicity

Overcome by pointing to:
— Competition is already there
— Early mover advantage
— Low cost with potentially high reward
— Overcome bad publicity

A question arose about the difference in access between fans and friends. Ie. What can the owner of a fan page see about their supporters.


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