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Fred Ferguson (DDS) talking about Oral Health

Poor Oral health:
– Most prevalent chronic illness impacting quality of life
– chronic/progressive outcome predominantly determined by behavior and lifestyle

The basic message is that we should not be separating dental health from overall health

Should annual health assessments include a free dental assessment? Would that create up-sell opportunities for the industry.


#Health30 – Jay Eisenstock of Provider eSolutions at Aetna

sNotes from the final day at the Health 3.0 Conference.

First up Jay Eisenstock in Provider eSolutions at Aetna.

Aetna is focused on leveraging distribution channels to achieve decision support.

Aetna have partnered with Navinet to provide multi-payer support for providers.

They now see the technology as commodity and intend to differentiate on the services they provide.

Clinical Tools:
– Lab orders, results and trending
– ePrescribing

– Electronic remittance
– Payment Estimator

– 150M eligibility transactions per year
– 96% electronic referrals

Created the EDI Savings Calculator. An interactive tool that calculates savings for EDI transactions. Targeted at the smaller doctors that still use manual transactions. Use savings from Milliman to help advise when Providers don’t have an idea of their costs. Tool takes about 10 minutes to use to come up with an estimate of savings.

Care Considerations is a tool that mixes claims data and research to send alerts to members and providers where issues such as drug interactions are identified.

#Health30 – Larry Kissner – VP Sales and Marketing – Independence Blue Cross

The final session of the day at #Health30

Larry Kissner is the VP, Sales and Marketing at Independence Blue Cross.

If your BMI is

BMI 30% =$7600/yr
in Health Care Costs

How do plans know about member health:

– Claims
– Providers
– Self Reported by Members

Independence uses NaviNet to print Gaps in care at the provider office at a member’s appointment.

Rewards don’t have to be direct financial. alternatives:

– Amazon Rewards
– Incent One
– Contribution to school programs
– Entry in prize drawings

#Health30 Mark Mixer – Alliant Health Plans Using tech to create incentives

After my presentation – which will go on to my SlideShare ekivemark account when I get to a high speed uplink…

Mark Mixer is a Lead for eProvider solutions at Alliant Health Plan. He is  talking about Using Technology to create incentives and Health Record interaction with members, providers and employers.

Employers are the ones buying insurance.

PHRAnywhere branded completely separately to avoid being associated with the health plan. A lifetime PHR that is provided free of charge.

Alliant has 90% market share in their area. This makes transparency (for health plan benefits) an interesting proposition.

Hospitals are normalizing their reimbursement rates across carriers and networks.


– Can health plans be the consumers’ trusted source of information to assist them in navigating the health system

– Can health plans encourage healthy behaviors among enrollees as a means of reducing costs and improving population-based outcomes

– How can health plans help members save money and receive better health care from providers

– How should health plans engage with employers to enhance employee wellness and healthy living

– How should health plans assist individuals in making clinical decisions, selections of providers and self-care

This was an interesting, contrarion talk.

#Health30 – John Mills, Dir Prod Dev at Emblem Health – mobilize your org to support Social Media

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John Mills tlaking about how to mobilize your organization to support Social Media

Emblem Health is based in NY and has 4M members.

Benefits of Social Media:

– Great for message testing
– Direct access to customers (no media filtering)
– Good way to build a buzz
– Promote image

General Issues:

– Trust
— Members like their plan but distrust Health Plans in general
— Concerned about PHR and Privacy
— Concerned about bad image from negative comments – this is happening anyway – out of sight

Internal Issues – Apprehension – rises as you go up the organization:
— Lack of control
— Fear of unknown
— Negative Publicity

Overcome by pointing to:
— Competition is already there
— Early mover advantage
— Low cost with potentially high reward
— Overcome bad publicity

A question arose about the difference in access between fans and friends. Ie. What can the owner of a fan page see about their supporters.

#health30 – Cheryl Pegus of J&J’s SymCare

Lunchtime session at Health 3.0….

Johnson and Johnson started Symcare in 2007. The presentation came from Cheryl Pegus.

The first product is inTouch Diabetes.

This offers a monitoring solution with bluetooth interface that can connect to a mobile phone and post results to a HIPAA certified website to allow remote monitoring.

A new direction for HealthCare:

– use cellphones – everyone has them.- Health Literacy – customize information. Make it simple.
– Engage health care professionals
– Rewards

Exception based reporting from home reporting led to nurse patient handling from 1 to 300 to 1 nurse for 500 patients.

The patient invites the HealthCare Professional. This reduces resistance that typically comes from Payer originated Care Management programs.

People are preferring rewards to discounts.

#health30 Breana Mercer – HealthPartners Online tools for exceptional experience, population health and ROI

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Breana Mercer, Manager of Product Development at HealthPartners

JourneyWell is a division of HealthPartners. the largest member governed integrated health system.

The Triple Aim: Population Health, Exceptional Experience and Return on Investment/affordability.

“Health is a state of complete well being and not an absence of illness”

40% of health determinants are Behavioral elements


1. Design
2. Experience
3. Health and Productivity
4. ROI

Focus on Potential rather than Risk – More positive approach. Risk has negative connotation.

Communications and Incentives drive engagement to start the program.